"Geo-Measuring" A branch of mathematics concerned with questions of Geo.

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Brussels Sprouts
1 A few days of sub 80 degree weather and a little rain and my immunity system shuts down.  Spent the entirety of my day wallowing in my bed.


Went home to poop bc public bathrooms are gross

163 "KNOTTY PINE?" — Fiona Goode, interior designer (via worldosopher)

Honestly if this season doesn’t have an Ian and Mickey montage set to “Hey Mickey” then the Shameless team is wasting my time.

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This year my New Years resolution is to be completely and utterly self involved and all about me.  I know this sounds terrible especially coming out of the year where my resolution was, “…to be more cynical vindictive and judgmental than I was last year."  But lately I’ve kinda felt like I’ve been putting out emotionally only to receive less than a fair share of such courtesy from others.  I consistently make an effort to be there for those I care about, and a lot of times I end up placing my friends and their problems and needs above my own.  (Please do not reference my resolution from the previous year).  But that security blanket, that crutch, that back and forth system where you can rely on someone and also be relied upon, it is never existent, it’s one sided and I always feel like I’m background noise in others lives.  I’m being needy, I am aware of that, but I get to be needy because I say so, I’m human.  I hate having to feel like this, like I need someone else to validate my existence, my worth.  So I’m done with it.  This year I will embrace my loneness.  I will sit in the library by myself and study and read.  Ill eat out alone and get used to it.  I will gain some sort of independence.  I will gain self security.  I will be happy alone.

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